For Restaurants

Increase capacity and revenue in your outdoor seating areas with our innovative, space-saving designs.

Our products allow you to maximize your outdoor seating capacity with great looking space-saving products. Our products attach to any outdoor deck or patio that has vertical balusters, using our unique design. Our products work great in both large and small spaces, and are easy to install and take down.

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Bar Table



Umbrella Holder

Our products increase your capacity:

Before Love Your Deck

Restaurants suffer from clumsy, cluttered outdoor areas that prevent them from earning more from their existing space.

After Love Your Deck

Sturdy, elegant, industrial strength designs that add 2-top and 4-top capacity to your restaurant in the outdoor seating areas.


Our umbrella holder optimizes outdoor space:

Before Using Love Your Deck Umbrella Holders Before Using Love Your Deck Umbrella Holders
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Deck Chairs & Stools:

Counter Stool

Backless Bar Stool

Sierra Stool

Denali Stool

McKinley Stool

Dani Stool