Space Saving Deck Furniture

Space. Convenience. Functionality. These three elements are what drove the founders of Love Your Deck products to develop a revolutionary outdoor living table collection that not only entertains, but provides real convenience to all those searching for an outdoor furniture solution. Whether you want a quiet space to sit and relax while enjoying dinner and drinks, or you need a table simply to set items on while outside, the Love Your Deck products provide it all, and then some!

The concept is simple. We designed an easy-to-install bracket system that has the flexibility to mount to virtually any type of outdoor railing system without damage. Once installed, our tables securely slide onto the brackets. The tables themselves are crafted from aluminum, are lightweight and easy to slide on or remove.

The most unique feature is the ability to provide a comfortable seating area for any space small or large. Whatever the use may be, Love Your Deck products are designed to make your outdoor living area the place to be!

Deck Rail Table

Add additional entertainment space to decks with this easy to use deck rail table. This lightweight aluminum table features a very simple bracket system that can be installed on most deck railings with vertical balusters. Once installed, the table securely slides onto the brackets. This table saves valuable space and when not in use, can be uninstalled with ease.

Dimensions: 56″W x 20″D
Includes table and mounting brackets.

Available in white or black.


Umbrella Holder

This one of a kind umbrella holder attaches to most deck railings with vertical balusters. After the simple installation, an umbrella or pole of any type is placed in the holder and secured in place. This great solution eliminates the need for a big, bulky umbrella stand and saves valuable space on any deck or patio.

Available in white or black.


Railing Table Hardware Kit

The deck railing hardware kit is an easy-to-install bracket kit which mounts to most deck systems with vertical balusters. After the simple installation, a table top of your choice securely slides into the brackets. This great solution gives you the flexibility to create your own table from deck boards, lumber or anything else that best fits your own style and outdoor living space! Available in white or black.
Kit includes:

  • 2 mounting brackets
  • 4 under table clips that slide easily into the brackets
  • Template that makes installation simple!
  • 8 wood screws


How does it work?

Our tables mount to virtually any rail system with vertical spindles. Watch our video to see one being installed!


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* Please ensure your deck and railing system is of sound construction.
Terraza, LLC takes no responsibility for property damage or personal injury due to loose, deteriorating, or inadequately built deck and railing systems, or for unintended use of this product.
Please contact us regarding any further questions.